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Waiver and Release Agreement

North Star Forward Consulting

Please read carefully.  By agreeing to participate you accept the following:

I understand and acknowledge that my participation in this event, training, workshop, or coaching session is voluntary.  I understand that this training/workshop/coaching session may involve my emotions in a manner that might subject me to emotional distress.  I agree to accept such risks and assume the responsibility for emotional distress and /or other effects (physical, mental, spiritual, or others) that may arise from my own interpretation of the process.

In attending any activity sponsored by North Star Forward Consulting, or visiting any locations that these activities are taking place, I agree to assume total responsibility for my own safety and well-being, and for the protection of my personal property.

I release from all liability and hold harmless North Star Forward Consulting and its agents, including, but not limited to, owners, facilitators, staff, independent contractors, and volunteers, from any and all legal responsibility for any injury, illness, accident, loss, or other misfortune that may occur in connection with my participation in, or attendance at, trainings, workshops, coaching sessions, activities, events, or visits, facilitated by North Star Forward Consulting.

I further understand that I am releasing and relinquishing legal rights that I might otherwise hold. I intend this waiver and release to apply to myself and to anyone who may have the right to make a claim on my behalf. This waiver and release is part of the consideration I give in order to participate in any North Star Forward Consulting sponsored event/workshop/training/coaching sessions.

As an event/workshop/training/coaching participant, I understand that completion of this present workshop is for my individual benefit only.  I may share my learnings with my personal and professional community, however, I may not reproduce North Star Forward material without their written consent.

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